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Links I Love  My newest healing offering is the Women's Wisdom Community.  A free on-line safe place for women to share, hear, and care.  Come join this circle of compassionate women and be a part of strengthening female relationships worldwide.  Social Enterprise inspiring the Renaissance man Renaissance - the next generation of gentlemen.  Exciting, deep, & humorous articles, insights,  and gatherings.  I join the founders weekly for a podcast  Tony Parsons gives it to you straight about the nature of what people refer to as "enlightenment".  He is the clearest sharer of not-twoness I have ever met.  Please check out his site and his books if you have a sincere interest in conscious awareness.  Dr. Peter Levine's compassionate yet thorough approach to healing trauma is unparralleled.  If you or someone you know is suffering from trauma, I highly suggest you include a practitioner of his methods on the healing team.  Non-Violent Communication, or Peaceful Communication is truly the most effective form of responsibly sharing and empathising I have ever come across.  Information and tools for breaking the cycle of habitual behavior.  You will learn something new and useful at this site! A free download of a structure that enables you to get all of the brilliant thoughts that are in your mind onto a map which will help you to bring your thoughts to life!  The free download has no tutorial, so it must be found on the site itself.  This is an incredible tool for organization & manifestation!  Incredible, supportive, and creative programs for at risk youth in Southern California  Purely for comic relief and only for adults. Is my favorite site for vitamins and natural products at up to 75% off! This isn't the most beautiful site, but it is the most informative I've ever found about skin care with trustworthy products at very decent prices.  Their copper peptides and alpha hydroxy acids are effective at healing acne, scaring, and sun spots. With your help, we can educate the public about the dangers of asbestos and the benefits of alternative medicine to cancer patients.

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The Women's Wisdom Community provides ready to transform women with the programs, tools, & support they need to take their life to the next level of awesome. Check out

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