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"Why do my muscles hurt?"

Your muscles hurt for 7 main reasons

Injury:  The most obvious reason that a muscle hurts is injury.  A strain is a tear in a muscle or a tendon.  A sprain is a tear in the ligament.  Injuries can happen suddenly, or with repeated stressful movement of the same muscle that wears away at the integrity of the soft tissue.  Click the "Muscle Care" tab to learn what you can do to speed the healing of a muscle injury.

Stress:  I'm going to give it to your straight, stress is fear.  Fear has a biological basis, and nearly all animals & humans exhibit fear in the same manner: flight, fight, freeze.  Muscles tighten in these states during which there is an increase in respiration and heart rate, release of stress hormones, and increased tendency to startle.  Stress happens when you are scaring yourself by imagining that something unwanted may occur, instead of simply staying in the present moment or imagining a desired experience.  Whenever I notice I'm feeling stress, I immediately do 5 things. 1) I start deeply breathing.  2) I relax my shoulders (which may be up around my ears) then I relax the rest of my body.  3) I ask myself, "What am I afraid of?".  When I identify my fear, 4) I look for  the un-met  need that is fueling it.  Once that is found, 5) I can take calm action to fulfill the need and then I notice the stress is gone - or at the very least greatly reduced!  Have you noticed that stressing out never helps you feel better or gets you the desired results?  Give yourself a break.  Feel free to let me know if the above 5 steps work out better for you than a freak out.

Dehydration:  Ensure you drink enough pure clean water a day.  Notice how much better your muscles feel, digestion works, skin looks.  Repeat for the rest of your life.  Easy!  A simple formula is to divide your body weight in pounds in half, then drink that many ounces of water per day.  For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you would need approximately 75 ounces of water a day to stay properly hydrated. 

Postural Imbalance:  Common poor posture is a result of habitual muscle weakness coupled with emotional character structure (excepting disease and congenital deformity).  What you know is it looks uncomfortable and feels sore.  What you may not know is that poor posture negatively affects organ function and if left untreated, becomes permanent.  I can help you to strengthen the correct muscles, stretch the overtightened ones, and heal emotional issues, so that you can look and feel your best.

Over exertion:  Overexerting your body can be dangerous and make you susceptable to injury.  While exercising, if you feel dizzy or nauseated, please slow down and gently bring your workout to a close.  Do not suddenly stop moving until your heart rate has slowed to your normal rate.  Then you may sit down and drink water & electrolytes.

Lack of movement, lack of stretching:  muscles become shortened, weak, stiff, prone to injury, and painful when they are not moved enough to pump fresh blood and oxygen through them.  If you are incapacitated, gently move what you can; foot, arm, & wrist circles all help.  Otherwise,  go outside and have some fun!  I tell all of my clients to choose movements that are joyful for you: walk, dance, hike, swim, canoe,  - just do it!  Gather some friends to join in and go have a great time!  Joyful movement produces seratonin, improves organ function, burns calories, tones muscles, cleans blood, improves respiratory function, brightens mood... do you really need more reasons?

Toxicity:  Cellular waste, environmental pollutants, unhealthy ingredients in foods and drinks, all tend to deposit themselves into your muscles and inhibit bloodflow, which tightens the muscle, which squeezes the nerves, which makes you say , "OUCH!"  Drinking enough water, eating organic whole foods, and breathing clean air all help to maintain a healthier happier body. 

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